I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the left side of my follipian tube.

I had been trying to conceive since then but I had no luck.

I went to see a specialist and found out that my tubes were badly blocked. As a result of this, the only way to concieve a baby was through IVF. The doctor suggested having Acupuncture treatment to increase the chancec of success. I met Namiko and received treatment from Namiko from before and during IVF. Namiko is very reliable and listens to my problems. She always pays extra attention to my body changes each visit. I believe that Namiko’s treatments had a large role in my becoming pregnant after only one IVF cycle.

During pregnancy, I continued treatment from Namiko to keep my pregnancy safe. Pregnancy can be very frustrating because of lots of emotional and physical changing, but Namiko identified my troubles and helped me relax.

Now I have a beautiful son! I am so pleased and thankful that I had treatment from Namiko.

Eri, Parnell