Hi. My name is Sandy. My husband & I own a Antiques Shop in Oratia, I run the shop during the week and I’m constantly lifting heavy items. I recently put my back out badly. After going to the doctor and trying painkillers for 5 days I went to Karada Clinic and met Namiko.

She changed my condition after the 1st session by doing Acupuncture on my back.

I had walked in there nearly doubled over with pain and came out three quarters standing again!! This was the first time I had tried acupuncture and I went back for the next 4 days until I was right. I sincerely had never felt so good and couldnt believe that little needles could do so much good 🙂

Namiko has a beautiful sense of humour and is so professional at the same time making anyone feel comfortable even when in pain.

I now go once a fortnight just to keep my back and body in check and have complete trust in Namiko and recommend her to anyone that has problems or just needs to relax. Go and see her 🙂 🙂

Sandy, Oratia